Debt Workout

Debt Workout (Restructurings / DTAs / Tax Due Diligence)

With years of experience on the field, our firm can offer legal aid and tax due diligence procedures for a Debt Workout procedure to be implemented through a Loan Restructuring and/or through a Debt To Asset swap (DTAs), in accordance with Cyprus Law.

The aim of the Debt Workout procedure will be essential where:

  • the current debt is not performing.
  • there is potential for performance after the workout;
  • the value of the business and/or the debtor’s assets have fallen below the par value of the debt.

A key part of a Debt Workout procedure will almost always involve a restructuring of the debt. The objective of the debt restructuring will be to reduce the financial risk faced by the debtor and provide immediate treatment of the creditor’s negative balance sheet. To perform any Debt Workout process, it is essential for our firm to perform a Tax Due Diligence investigation on the debtor/s to assess whether a Debt Workout would be viable or not.

The aim of the tax due diligence is the analysis of the debtor’s tax treatment in respect of its consistency with Cyprus Tax Law, other related legislation and any directives that are issued by the Cypriot Ministry of Finance. Our services with respect to tax due diligence include, in particular, an analysis of the debtor’s tax obligations and social security contributions in order to identify all the relevant risks.

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