The Advocates

The Advocates



CHRISTOS M. TRIANTAFYLLIDES was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 31st of August, 1953. Following the example of his family with remarkable  legal tradition, Chris attended Lincoln College at Oxford University, UK and graduated with an M.A degree in Jurisprudence (Law).  Furthermore, he studied at Gray’s Inn, UK and was awarded a Barrister-at- law recognition. Chris also conducted a second post graduate degree from University College at London University, UK.

Upon his return to Cyprus, he became a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and started his own practice in May of 1980. Today, his law firm is one of the most eminent legal  in Cyprus in its field  with offices around the Island and associated law firms worldwide.

Throughout the 36 years of experience, Chris has represented in Court a great variety of cases including serious Constitutional Law matters before the Supreme Court of Cyprus, criminal and civil cases.

His plethora  of clients consists of  individuals, local and international businesses, Regulatory Authorities, Semi-Government Organizations such as the Cyprus Tourism Organization and  The Cypriot Parliament .

Simultaneously, Chris has served as a member of the Appeal Board of FIFA. He has been the President of the largest  football club in Cyprus and the Cyprus Football Association. Furthermore, he has been appointed as a Board Member of the Cyprus Sports Organization by the Council of Ministers.

Currently, apart from his private practice, Chris serves as a member of the committee  advising the President of the Republic in the intercommunal talks related to the “Cyprus Issue” and is also the legal advisor of the largest political party in Cyprus.

Chris published a variety of articles of political, legal and social nature.

In his personal life, he is married and has one daughter.





Stylianos N. Christoforou was born on the 23rd of February, 1976.

He received an LLB (Hons) in 1998 from the University of Hull, UK and an LLM in International Commercial Law in 1999 from the University of Nottingham, UK. In 2000, he was admitted to the Bar and was awarded a recognition; Barrister-at-Law of Grays Inn, UK.

Further to his academic achievement, Stylianos, obtained three professional certifications. In 2004, he became a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of England and Wales; in 2014, he became a Qualified Lectured on Legal Matters and in 2015, a Qualified Insolvency Practitioner.

Stylianos returned to Cyprus in 2001. After practicing law with renowned organisations on the Island; powered by his entrepreneurial endeavors, he established his fully-fledged law firm compliant with international best practices.

He has successfully represented a large number of businesses and individuals in and out of the Court rooms related to: Corporate matters, Employment Law, Industrial Relations, Property Investment Recovery, Banking, Family Law and more.

In particular, he has effectively represented all pioneer High Court cases related to Transfer of Undertakings and one of the major Industrial Relations Cases in the Republic (180 employees). Stylianos is also the legal consultant of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association.

Moreover, his expertise lies in assisting high-net-worth individuals to invest in the Cypriot and European economy, acquire Cypriot Citizenship; thereafter, to utilise the tax and citizenship benefits.

Stylianos has managed direct and indirect tax matters related to corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, family planning, design and implementation of tax efficient real estate structures for investors and key management providing for both property investment and development opportunities in the Cyprus and overseas.

In his personal life, Stylianos is married and has two children (a daughter and a son).